Going Green is Still a Gray Area for Many Consumers

By carsoncoots on October 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Green is the hot thing right now, but many consumers are revealing that they are not willing to go the extra mile (or pay the extra cash) to purchase environmentally friendly goods and services.

Not only are we not willing to pay more, we are hip to the idea that many companies are trying to capitalize on the trend.   If that wasn’t enough, some of us could care less about the environment and just want to look cool, studies suggest:

We are green, but not that green.

Successive pages of the Green Gauge Global report from GfK Roper Consulting encapsulate the problem for green-product marketers. First, we read that 71 percent of respondents in North America believe “It is important that companies take environmentally responsible actions.” (So far, so good for eco-concern.) On the next page, though, we find 66 percent agreeing, “The environmentally friendly alternatives for many of the products I use are too expensive.”

Found In: Adweek: Consumers Don’t Warm to Eco-Friendly Products

We are definitely savvy of greenwashing.

“Consumer perception seems to be shifting away from self-proclaimed green companies to companies that are enabling or encouraging others to be greener, like Google and Microsoft. Survey responses also indicate that US consumers are fairly savvy about greenwashing, and skeptical of overblown or unsubstantiated claims.”

Found In: TriplePundit: What Do Green Consumers Want?

We are kidding ourselves

“Armed with evidence that consumers will forgo luxury for lesser-quality but higher-status “green” goods, researchers argue that elevated prices make environmentally friendly products more appealing because they signal self-sacrifice for the public good…The study ultimately finds people don’t just want to signal their environmental do-gooding, they also want to flaunt that they can afford such “selfless” acts.”

Found In: National Post: Consumers attracted to status of ‘green’ products more than benefits


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